Improved Integration of Distributed Energy Resources

Our products and services empower distribution teams to deliver better value to thier customers.  From 4160 V (AC) to 345kV (AC) we offer a range of distribution and transmission products to enable efficient integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) onto distribution systems.


In addition, we have products and services for Large Generators and Large Batterys interconnecting to the Bulk ELectric System. 

Transmission Tower

Thermal Demand Response Technologies

Some of our folk (for over 40 years) are working to integrate Thermal Demand Response onto transmission and distribution.  Look at our experience and our patented technologies and find out if it is useful in the wholesale and retail markets you support.  We believe RFWIND can serve your company better when it comes to integration of Thermal Demand Response. 

Construction Enginnering

We Provide Engineering Support For Construction Management.

As a believer in maintaining long lasting relationships, from start to finish we can offer guidance for your team and sub-contractors. We are a highly skilled project team that provides innovative and industry recognized leading expertise in power generation and construction.

Rural Substation

Substation Design And Retrofit.

We can assist your team in meeting new challenges concerning integrating Distributed Energy Resources and its management. We have proven design experience with high speed control systems over SCADA.  This includes design, protection, metering, control and status monitoring. From 4160 Vac to 345 kV we offer a wide range of substation and transmission design services.  Our staff has nationwide experience with over 100 years combine experience. Our staff has received patents in the fields of Generation, Distribution and Transmission as recently as 2018.


PSCAD(tm) and ETAP(tm) Modeling.

We can assist your team with studies and assist with filings. We can provide support for planning, operation and maintenance, and most important safety. With our studies our Engineers provide effective designs and relay protection techniques. Our work has significantly reduced incident energy from faults and maintains stability of the power system. Our team uses customized ETAPĀ® and PSCAD(tm) software along with other illustrative tools to provide easy to understand reports and projections concerning such studies. One of our many goals is to make the information in the study as easy to understand as possible.


Safety And Reliability Of Our Client's Power Systems

We provide solutions for safety and reliability at both the Distribution and Transmission level that include communication, protection, automation, and metering. Concerning safety, we can assist your team in coordinating arc flash hazards with other safety concerns. Part of our focus on maintaining the reliability of your equipment. Our team has performed many studies and has real world experience concerning protection and reducing arc flash hazards.


Market Participants Concerning FERC and NERC Policies

We can assist Transmission Service Providers and Market Participants in meeting new regulatory challenges concerning reactive power and voltage control for Bulk Electric System Networks. This includes providing compliance and network resources with related control for systems. We have commissioned facilities rated from 100 Megawatts to over 500 Megawatts with rated voltages from 115kV to 345 kV. Our patented designs offer a wide range of substation and transmission service advantages. Our staff has over 100 years combined nationwide transmission level experience.


Inter/Intra Zonal Dynamic Active Power Balancing Technologies For LMP Market Participants

We offer patented technologies that address the changes in electricity markets relative to the increasing importance of renewable generation and its effect on LMP market conditions. Renewables are intermittent resources. We provide patented solutions that address the challenges for the reliable operation of the grid that include dynamic balancing. We project that as the share of renewable power output increases at the wholesale level the need for such technologies will become more important. We are here to help get you ready.